December 7, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

First day back in the Internet Fitpro HQ today after all the shenanigans of moving house and the scariness of a huge mortgage and the realization that we will have a real life baby human to look after in about 6 weeks.

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do apparently, but the only thing that really stressed me was whether or not sky could get my new fibre broadband up and running.

33MBs Per second of download speed, which is pretty decent for residential and downloading all the sports and movies.


…in about 20 minutes I'll be putting it to good use to try and get some presale Guns N Roses Tickets for next year.

This gig will 100%sell out in one day and its not until next June.

Selling out well in advance and its all down to their back catalogue of hits AKA their content

They have cracked “The Content Code” – (The book on content marketing I'm currently reading btw)

Content is the key that unlocks the door of trust, that must be in place before people buy.

Simple, more quality content = increase in trust.

So quick question for you.

What do you want to see us put out content wise to help you with your fitness business?

  • Biz Mindset stuff?
  • Facebook ads and traffic?
  • Copy writing and sales funnels and how to sell more oline?
  • Website Tips and tricks?
  • Social media Hacks (urghhh hate the word hack)

You name it, let me know and we will get on the case.


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