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Having your website hacked is just like getting your house burgled. I've had both done and neither is a nice experience.

They even stole my car at the same time as burgling my house and all I could think about was “why me and why would they do this?”

I felt the same when I got one of my personal sites hacked a few weeks ago. It was an old membership site that I only use about once every 3 months to run an online program. Truth is most sites get hacked by bots or viruses and not by an individual.

Luckily I had it backed up and it only took 30 minutes to get it back online, but what if I hadn't backed it up?

What if I had lost the whole site that probably took me 6 months to put together. I would have been devastated.

Here is what you need to do

  • Make sure you get your site backed up weekly so if something does happen then you can revert back to the last good version. We use a plugin called backup buddy on all our client sites. It costs around £200 but we install it for free for anyone who has a site with us along with other
  • If you are using WordPress make sure you have some sort of security plugin on there, which can plug the known backdoor areas.
  • Change your username of the main account from admin to something else and make sure the password contains a mix of letters number and symbols.
  • Regularly scan your computer for viruses and malware.

If you have been hacked take your site offline and change your passwords straightaway, if you can get into it.

This will take it down but its better to have a site down than a hacked site as it may get taken off the Google listings.

Liam “Serving and Protecting” Thompson

Internet Fitpro
Home Of The SWAT Personal Trainer Lead Generating Website System

PS- Check your websites on a mobile browser to make sure it hasn't been hacked as there are load of fitness sites being redirected to some x rated sites but only on a mobile.


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