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The key to making more moolah as personal trainer or bootcamp owner is getting more traffic to your website true or false?

It's false, but most trainers think it's true.

Can you get me more traffic Liam” or “Can you do my Facebook ads for me” is what people usually approach me for.

Usually I have to say no…. until they get this one thing in place first…

Because the real key is getting your existing traffic (site visitors) to convert.

Just by making a few changes to your existing website you can usually double your conversions with the same number of visitors.

Double conversions = Double Clients = Double Profits

I've been helping a private client double their website conversions just by changing one page on their website and they will make and extra £4k per month because of this one page and without spending any more money on ads.

And once you have the increase in conversions, they you can increase your ads spend and really ramp it up.

Want me to personally help you with this 1-1?

You can book in a 30 minute website critique coaching session with me and I'll talk you through the changes you need to make to increase your website conversions without spending any more on ads.

Simple and Guaranteed.

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