November 14, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Was watching the news yesterday about the guys who escaped from Pentonville prison in London last week and as usually happens they ended up getting caught within a few days of their escape.

Imagine putting all that effort into escaping only to get caught a few days later, it's like a job only half done, but its also very predictable.

Reminded me a lot like the average personal trainer who puts in all the effort to learn how to be a PT and then forgets to learn the biz side of things, so he copies what everyone else is doing.

And ends up leaving the industry after 6 months (true stat)

Just like the last of the escaped dudes got picked up by the police yesterday hiding under the bed at his sisters house.

His sisters house ha ha, surely the last place you would go to after jumping ship would be a family members house.

But……It's always the first place the police will look.

It's also where most escaped prisoners and people on the run get caught because people are predictable.

So what do you do?

You do what most other people don't do.

You disappear, come off the grid, don't use mobiles or credit cards and don't contact people you know.

Same thing goes with your business.

You do the stuff most other trainers are not doing to stand out.

Learning how to market yourself as a business and not a hobbyist PT.

Investing in your self and your marketing.

Knowing your numbers like client lifetime value and how much you can invest in client acquisition.

^^^ This is how you win at business

You take your potential clients away from the the noise of Facebook and on to your email list.

^^^^ This is how you remove your competition and the “buy my shit”, “next boot-camp starts Monday” trainers from the equation.

Be the 3% that get this not the 97% that are struggling with stuff that doesn't work because everyone else is dong it.

When every one else is Zigging, you should be Zagging

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