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About 6 months ago we ran an online competition to give away one of our SWAT Personal Trainer Website Systems including 6 months of access to me and Matt and our Inner Circle but the Personal Trainer who won it never actually claimed it.

Well that's not 100% strictly true……

He did claim it, got access to all the training materials and was excited to get started but 6 months later he never did.

£1897 of value cast aside and it would have been worth at least a minimum of 20 times that if he had implemented stuff.

In fact we never heard from him again, until yesterday.

He didn't take action on any of the training, didn't give us any content or take advantage of access to us and 6 months later was in exactly the same place.


Well 1st reason in my opinion because it was free (and I told him this yesterday).

People just don't value free, even if you put a value on it.

If people valued free then you my friend would be out of business and so would we because all the information for weight loss, fitness and even building a personal trainer business is on YouTube and online all for free.

Truth is the best way to get people to take action on your programs is to ramp the price right up and charge top dollar. When people invest in something they are more likely to get results, because they take action on what you tell them to. We call this having so skin in the game.

This in my humble opinion is the number 1 reason why pay as you go gym classes and discount personal training simple doesn't work for you or your clients.

Your clients don't value you or your services so they don't take action and get results and guess who gets blamed? Yup, you.

Plus you don't get paid what you are worth. Lose lose for everyone.

It's also why people don't always show up for free trials.

So there you go, straight from the horses mouth.

Anyway, last chance today for me to get on a skype call with you and critique your PT website for just £60.

I'll even record it and send you the video with the actionables to show you where you are losing out on new clients and profits.

Investment-minded personal trainers will get this.

Register here


Personal Trainer websites That Build Businesses.


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