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So last night I had to get the train back from London after spending the day working with one of my personal coaching clients Lisa Kent.

As well as building out her website and helping her with her marketing using our SWAT PT website system I also do some personal coaching with her to drive her business forwards faster and she is great to work with.

Lisa is a great example of how to sell premium personal training at over £70 ($100) per hour and we are working on a model that will increase that even more while still offering massive value to her clients. She is basically doing the opposite of most other trainers when it comes to pricing.

But anyway back to the trains……

After I finished with Lisa, I headed off to Nando's to eat, grabbed some Spanish wine from a local wine shop I like and headed up to Euston to get the train.

Thing is it was super busy because it was the 1st off-peak train back up North and I had no seat reservation.

If you have ever been to Euston station you will know that everybody stands under the information signs until the platform number pops up and there is an almighty rush to the train.

Literally everybody runs and it's a bit of a free for all to get a seat if you don't have a reservation. Its a bit like people trying to grab a TV in a black Friday deal in their local supermarket.

Not me.

I don't need to do what everyone else is doing.

I already know what platform the train will be in on, because I'm looking at the trains coming in where everyone else is looking at the trains leaving

I know this makes me sound like a bit of a sad trainspotter but I know that the train coming in from Birmingham is the one that's leaving to Manchester and I can see that its Platform 2.

Job done and zero stress.

Walk over to platform 2, calmly get a table seat so I can do some work on my book.

Watch as people trip each other up running to get on the train.

Point being…

You don't need to do what everybody else is doing to be successful and sometimes you just need to look at thinks a little differently than you normally would in your business to see where you can take small actions that can reap huge rewards.

In fact doing the exact opposite of everyone else is very often the key to a successful fitness biz.

Reverse thinking and zigging when everyone else is zagging!


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