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Did you know the price of Facebook ads for personal trainers is going up at an alarming rate?

In some towns you are lucky if you can get a click for less than £2.00 if you are running your ads the traditional way.

So here is a simple formula for success using Facebook ads as a Personal Trainers

1. Put out content using your website / blog and target the people you want to work with. Make sure your website has a pixel installed.

2. Create a page that asks for a visitors email address in exchange for something of value, that can get your potential clients started on their fitness journey.

3. Create an offer and use Facebook ads to show the offer to the people who have visited your website and the people on your email address. Ask for their phone number.

4. Phone them up and sell them on to your program.

Doing this in the above order will do 2 things.

1. It will get your click costs down by 90%. In tests for private ad clients, sending ads to people who already know who we are results in clicks that are 10 times cheaper. In fact today we are getting website clicks for £0.19 as you can see below (stats from today's clicks) and 6% of people who see the ad clicking on it. (6 times more than average)

2. It will make people more likely to respond to your ad because they already know who you are!

We teach you this exact process and more as well as provide you with alead generating website for your fitness business when you sign up for our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System.



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