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My big guilty pleasure when it comes to unwinding in the evening with Mrs Liam are Storage Wars, Pawn Stars and Auction Kings, most of them on the History Channel.

If you haven't seen them its basically a bunch of wheeler dealers blind bidding in auctions on storage units or buying stuff from the general public.

Just like eBay the highest bidder usually gets the loot, but it's when they get to open the stuff that that the fun starts, because they have no idea what they have really bought until after the auction.

Sometimes in Storage Wars they get lucky and find a wad of cashola, but very often they get random stuff that they then have to try and sell.

The thing that these programs ALL have in common is that that they always get experts into value the stuff they don't know about.

Experts with track records whether its a piece of antique furniture or even a pair of Harry Houdini handcuffs that got discovered in a suitcase last week.

And here is the kicker…….there experts are nearly always right in their valuations.

Two very important business lessons for an aspiring superstar personal trainers

1. Be the expert in your niche, get paid more and train more cool people that you like.

2. Let the experts do the stuff you don't like, don't know how to do and shouldn't be doing. (like us)

Two things you should be outsourcing immediately my friend

1. Get a cleaner in to clean your house, usually for around £10 an hour so working one extra hour as a trainer you can pay for a cleaner for 4 hours.
That is time leverage my quest bar munching friend.

2. Put your website in the hand of someone who knows what they are doing and how to get you more clients from it. Use the extra time to train more clients and make more profit, have less stress and get the job done properly.

It really is that simple.

You can get started today

Liam “Square Eyes” Thompson
Internet Fitpro
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