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It's gonna be a sort of a half day for me in the IFP offices today as I'm off to see one of my all time music heroes in concert- Bruce Springsteen aka The Boss and having seen him before I know I'm gonna have to strap myself and Mrs Liam in for a long one.

The Boss is famous for his over delivery and marathon shows.

They can be up to 3 1/2 hours long and he has been know to get the promoters into a spot of bother by playing past the curfew. When he played Glastonbury a few years ago, they got fined £3000 ($4500) for this, which the Boss paid for out of his own pocket.

Now that is over delivery of the highest order exactly and why he has a legion of loyal fans, well that and how prolific he is with his song writing, but it wasn't always this easy for Bruce.

He actually spent most of the early 70's struggling for success until he wrote “Born To Run” when he found his now famous style….
If you listen to Bruce he knows exactly who he is writing for.

It's the working class Blue Collar American, because he writes from his own experiences growing up in New Jersey.

He is his own avatar. His own target market.

He knows (and feels) the struggles, the pain and the heartache and the emotion and his songs are literally jam packed full of it.

They connect with people who are just like him.

So here is my challenge to you:

What struggles have you experienced that you can use to your advantage that your potential clients get?

Now a word of warning if you are a 20 something dude trying to convince a 40 year old mother of 2 that you understand her struggles or why she cant just eat healthy all the time or doesn't have time to exercise, then I think you might end up struggling yourself.

That my friend is why the MOST SUCCESSFUL Personal Trainers focus on attracting people who are just like them.


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