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Saturday night is usually Date night in the Thompson house and this weekend it was no different. This time it was a trip to the local cinema to see the Spy thriller “Our kind of Traitor” and use up some of the free cinema tickets we get with our bank account.

It one of those cinemas where you book your seat when you order your tickets so when we get to the seats there's some people already sat next to us.

Obviously on a 1st date.

Now Mrs Liam loves the trailers, maybe even more than the actual movie, but these guys didn't shut up all the way through them.

Not even quiet conversation but being pretty loud with lots of f bombs which I'm not averse to but there's usually a time and place for that.

I was annoyed but I let it go (until the film started) and then I completely cracked up and lost my normal coolness.

Guys” I said “ You are taking the f***ing piss now.
It was like WW3 had started, the dude went on a proper defensive.
Don't' you f***ing swear at me, the films only just started” before he decided to move to another seat (result)

Mrs Liam was mortified (I know because she told me after) and told me I shouldn't have swore at the dude (probably true).
So whats this got to do with personal training business?

Great question, glad you asked! 🙂

It took me about 20 minutes of this guy being annoying before I said anything, but I knew straight away he was annoying us, but I didn't say anything (could have moved or politely had a word)
Every time he opened his loud mouth I got more annoyed, just like every time a potential client sees your message either on a FB ad or on their email inbox they should get a reminder of their pain.

Then it's all about time.

It's only a matter of time before they crack, just like I did.

They will either get so p**sed off with you that they will unfollow or unsubscribe (a reminder that you are pressing the right buttons) or take action and become a client.

But before you even get there you have to know what their problem is and how you solve it.

^^^^^Hint its not what you think it is.

That's exactly what we teach on Module 1 and 2 of our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System.

Personal Tainer Websites Thats Guarantee Leads


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