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Sunday just gone night I begrudgingly trundled off to bed around 10pm. I really wanted to stay up and watch the Masters Golf, but I knew I would be knackered in the morning if I did.

And anyway I had a £10 bet on Hideki Matsuyama the Japanese golfer to win from my Grand National Winnings but by 10pm he was well out of the race.

In fact it looked like a dead cert

Jordan Spieth was cruising with a five shot lead and only 9 holes to go and had birdied the last 4 holes.

“Well in control” I thought as I head downstairs to bed (I live in one of those upside down townhouses)

So imagine how shocked I was in the morning when I learned he had dropped 6 shots in the next 3 holes and pretty much handed the championship to Matt Willet…..

……but his day was to go from bad to even worse.

As the defending champion, he had to present the new champion with the coveted green jacket.

Talk about running salt on the wounds of defeat.

Spieth's spectacular collapse reminded me how complacent I would get working in the gym in my personal training days.

I would be cruising doing 25-30 hours a week and then all of a sudden I would lose a couple of clients and the spiral would continue, before I knew it I would be down to 15 hours a week or less and go into panic mode

I hadn't taken the time to build and nurture leads. I was too focused on working in my business rather than on it and that my friend is when you realize that you don't really have a business. You have a job.

Taking the time to build leads and wok on your business means, when one client leaves you can easily replace them without panicking or being desperate or getting into the spiral of losing clients.


Helping Personal Trainers Build Businesses (Not Jobs)


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