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May 19, 2016     /    Uncategorized    /    Liam Thompson

I wanted to tell the story today about how the mentor I invested 10k in a mastermind called me a pussy in front of everyone and went on a pretty personal attack after I called them out on their lack of integrity and the fact they had't delivered on their promised service, but hey ho that's an email for another day….

This one is way more important.

I've been doing a lot of work on my own mindset recently, something I struggle a lot with .

Stuff that I know is holding me back from growing my own business as fast as I want it to grow. It has noting to do with learning more stuff because I know I already know enough.

I know that this is mostly down to fear whether it's fear of success, fear of failure or even fear of others judging me and the biggie for me which is fear of change (your clients have this one as well).

All very real yet illogical fears that sometimes paralyses you.

So yesterday I got to spend some time with a bunch of fitness entrepreneurs and talk about this stuff.

Seemed everyone else in the room was exactly the same.

Same fears and same issues about whether they were good enough and that they thought they would get found out.

But there was one fear that almost every one of them had.

It was the fear of reaching out asking for help.

So I just really wanted to put it out there to you today that whatever is holding you back in building the fitness business that you want, there is someone who has been through the exact same issue and can help you.

So all you need to do is ask for help.

Reach out to someone that knows what you need to know.

Because every successful person has at one stage been an unsuccessful person.

No Pitches or Links today, just wanted to put this out there to help you if you are feeling a bit stuck right now.

Liam “Moving Forwards Every Day” Thompson

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