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Attention Personal Trainers, Once you see how easy this is you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting your time.

Finally! How to quickly and Easily Discover The Exact Words Your Clients Are Using To Find You Online

Leading Personal Training Marketing company reveals the secrets to Paid Traffic Advertising with Google Adwords.

On average 40,500 people a MONTH search on Google for ‘how to lose weight fast’.

Did you know that Google handles 68% of all internet searches?

Have you ever wondered why marketing companies like us talk about Google so much?

Are you stuck because you don’t understand all this Google Advertising stuff?

I totally understand.

It’s not your fault. Most marketing companies will try and over complicate this, so you will pay them a lot to do it for you. We’re different and becasue of this, we are going to give all the info you need to get started yourself.  We will help you understand how to choose search terms for Google Adwords for Personal Trainers.

We will show you how to meet the people who are actively looking for your services as a personal trainer.

How To Think Like A Client (and avoid the ONE big mistake Personal Trainers make)

The biggest tip I can give you when it comes to marketing is to start thinking like a client, rather than a personal trainer.

Clients are not searching for a ‘mind and body holistic body transformation life coach’ they are looking for a Personal Trainer. The biggest mistake we see Personal Trainer make is that they rename themselves to something that no-one is searching for. That instantly means their Google Adwords strategy can potentially fall at the first hurdle. You’ll know if thisis the case when you Adwords ad gets little or no views (impressions).

Whilst we are looking at this big mistake the other thing people do is forget that the client wants a result. Remember those 40,500 people who are searching for ‘how to lose weight fast’?

Do you think they might be a good fit for your online personal training program? (if you have one). Is it possible that think they need to understand why losing weight fast might be a bad idea?

Do you think some of them might live in your town or neighborhood?

There is a good chance that these people, who are looking for a specific result, might be a prefect fit for you and you, a perfect fit for them.

A Simple Strategy

Here is a simple strategy to use. Start thinking like a potential client who wants to hire a trainer.  Write down all the different possible search terms they may be looking for. You’ll end up with a list that looks something like the examples below.

  • how to lose weight fast
  • lose weight fast
  • how to lose belly fat
  • fat burning foods
  • how to get rid of belly fat
  • how to lose weight
  • diet plans
  • best way to lose weight
  • weight loss tips
  • diets that work
  • weight loss programs
  • personal trainer
  • certified personal trainer
  • online personal trainer
  • personal training

Choose The Correct Keywords

How to choose the right words to get you low cost high converting traffic for your ad campaign.

Armed with your list of keywords, how do you choose the right ones for you? Well first things first you’ll want terms that people are actually searching for. Then you’ll want search terms that you can afford.  For this we recommend that you use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.



The keyword planner tells us how many searches per month there are for each keyword. It also lets us know the suggested amount to bid (how much it will cost you if someone clicks on your ad). If you won every click possible you would have over 10,000 clicks to your website each month and it would cost you £2.55 each time someone clicked so £25,500 in the month. That’s probably unrealistic for most people’s budgets and many of the people searching might not be ideal clients anyway. So we would look for longer tail key phrases (more accurate words) that make the person more likely to buy.
In this example I might choose to narrow the searches by my location.

Finding Local Clients

This time I have much more valuable people searching because they are nearby. But look what it does to the search volume, just 100 – 1,000 people are now searching. That said 100 new leads to your business every month would be a pretty good way to grow your business! And look also at what it’s done to the cost per click. You’ll now pay just £1.46 because Google is rewarding you for a more relevant advert and there’s less people competing for that term. Now your likely budget is around £146 a month, much more manageable. Plus, let’s not forget these are people actively searching for a Personal Trainer in your location this month. If they don’t find you they will find one of your competitors. These are red hot leads that if you’re not picking up your competition will, guaranteed.

Understanding How Google Works So You Can Save Money On Advertising That Works To Get You Clients

So now you know how the client thinks and how to choose sensible phrases it's time to look at how Google thinks too. Your potential client is sat at their computer (or more likely on their mobile) And they tap in one of those phrases to Google. Google then has a problem. It needs to know which website to show to the client. Now despite some businesses who want your cash telling you differently, how Google does this exactly is a closely guarded secret. But they do give guidelines and have certain rules.

Your paid advert will always appear in the top few results with the little green Ad symbol next to it. You can see the search term ‘Personal Trainer’ pulls back 65,600,000 results. But the adverts get the top spot above the organic (non-paid) search results. The position of your advert in these results will change and Google refer to this as an ‘average position’. Now onto the science bit…

How Google decides who gets the top advertising spot depends on certain things. This is called ‘Ad Rank’ and it’s generally better to have a good Ad Rank so you can get higher in the adverts and are more likely to get more people clicking on your advert. Ad rank is worked out at the time when someone searches, so it changes every time someone searches too. This bit is very important so let’s look at how Google makes it’s decision in detail.

Your Bid

The first thing Google looks for is how much you’re willing to pay. This is pay to play and Google wants to know how much you’ll pay to get shown. Let’s say there are 2 people bidding for the phrase you’ve chosen. The first is willing to pay £2 per click and the second is willing to pay £5 per click. The second person will get a better score in that part of the ad ranking.

How likely someone is to click your ad:

Auction-time measurements of expected CTR sounds complicated but it just means how likely someone is to click on your advert based on the key phrase you’ve used. It is based on prior advert performance too so if you have a key phrase that sucks it might be time to change it for something else.

Ad relevance:

Simple this is how relevant your advert, including your text is to your key phrase. So if you try to place an advert for the key phrase ‘Personal Trainer’ and your text is ‘Weight loss recipes for busy moms’ there is a disconnect between the key phrase and the text meaning you’ll get a low score. If your key phrase is ‘Personal Trainer’ and your ad text is ‘Meet Alex your Personal Trainer in Warrington’ then you’ll get a better score.

Landing page experience:

This is another key factor in the decision to show your advert. You’ll need to provide a ‘good’ experience for the client. Remember I mentioned most searches are now done on mobiles? Google knows if your website looks great or shoddy on a mobile. So you’ll need to make sure the landing page works like a beaut on mobiles too, including the time it takes to load. But that’s not all.

Google also likes to know the client isn’t going to get snagged up in a page they can’t get out of so it needs a menu bar too.

You must have a landing page that relevant to the key phrases and text of the advert. So back to the example of ‘Personal Trainer’ you’ll need original copy that uses that term in the landing page too. Bonus points if your keywords are in the URL of the landing page.

Be open and honest and don’t hide thing on your site, Google like to see your contact details easy to find, having these in the footer can help. It also want’s you to be trustworthy and that means not trying to get the client to opt in immediately without first explaining what you do. Sending Google Ads to a squeeze page is a bad idea.

The impact

Expected impact of extensions and other ad formats, like adding phone numbers or site links. Let’s say you add your location and phone number to your advert. This can help to improve your Ad Rank because it’s more useful to the customer. Google knows that your customer has a problem that needs fixing now and you doing everything you can to help solve that problem will help them (and you) to meet that customer's needs more effectively.

In conclusion then you’ll want to start by thinking like a client, then choose the right search terms before thinking like Google.


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