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Past six months I've been trying to buy a house with Mrs Liam, but it's really been dragging out the point where I think it's going to fall through today.

The owners have been dragging their heels to exchange contracts and even though we have agreed that we are moving next month either party can still pull out with no consequences, so we have given them a deadline of today to sort it out.

I'm really uncomfortable with the whole thing, because we had to give a months notice on our rental property and the clock is now ticking.

I'm actually uncomfortable with this because we are no longer in control of the outcome (unless we pull the plug today before our current house gets rented out). If our landlord rents out our property and the sale falls through then we will be left looking for somewhere to live pretty sharpish.

Bright side is I can use the experience in my marketing to show you how I went from being homeless to a six figure income, but that's actually a dick move.

Seriously though…..its actually a lot like how most personal trainers run their businesses.

Relying on Facebook, twitter and Instagram to get likes, followers and maybe even clients……….but they are not in control.

It's a bit like building a house on someone else's land. They can kick you out at any time.

Facebook or twitter can pull the plug at any time on your account. I've seen PT's getting their accounts banned or even changed to business pages for being too salesly, with no appeal process.

Business gone in a flash

Far better to be in control yourself.

If I lost my Facebook account tomorrow (or even my business), I would still have my 2,000 strong email list to fall back on.

That's why all our SWAT websites have list building at the forefront of client generation.

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