November 5, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Mrs Liam is 29 week pregnant with the first Liam Junior.

He should be showing up some time in mid January if all goes to plan, but its not been an easy ride over the last few week with the passing of Mrs Liam's Mum a few weeks ago.

Truth is she has been pretty stressed and was worried that the baby was going to be affected, so we decided to go for a private scan to get everything checked out.

She wanted reassurance that everything was OK and that was her own words.

So when we went online to the scan clinic guess what the scan was called.

Yup, a reassurance scan.

These guys had their market nailed.

They know what we wanted and they give it to us.

£120 for the scan which took 20 minutes and the result was Mrs Liam sleeping better and not worrying that there was a problem.

Well worth the investment because Mrs Liam sleeping better = Liam sleeping better = A more productive Liam.

Here's the thing though.

A scan is just a scan.

The process is exactly the same, they have just packaged it to fit what people want.

The 1st scan we went for at 9 weeks was sold as a viable scan, to check it was a viable pregnancy.

Guess what they are selling?


The result (not the 20 minute scan)

They know their market, they know what their pain points (or desires) are and they give it to them.

Exactly the way fitness and personal training should be sold. Fitness is just fitness at the end of they day.

Exactly what we've shown the 100+ personal trainers who ave been through our SWAT personal trainer website System.


Liam “11 weeks to go” Thompson

Internet Fitpro – Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee To Grow Your Bussiness

PS  We're closing down the SWAT websites system forever before we move on to pastures new in 2017.We currently have 11 left.



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