November 8, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

So over the weekend I got an email from a Personal Trainer offering me an”amazing opportunity” to work with him.

It was completely unsolicited, which means I hadn't opted in to get his emails, but fair play to him for chancing his arm.

Anyway turns out he was selling some Multi Level Marketing BS Aloe drink and was offing me the “opportunity” to work with him and earn 35% per sale.

Lazy ass marketing of the highest order with 3 huge mistakes that you my friend can learn from.

Here is the why:

Mistake 1:

Cold email out of the blue offering me an opportunity to “work with him”. The marketing equivalent of trying to get laid on first contact. Rarely if ever works although you might get lucky one time.

Mistake 2:

There wasn't a real offer, it was confusing as f*ck because there was a zip file attachment with 10 files in it including intro letter and link to some BS video and once people are confused they are never going to buy.

Marketing equivalent of not getting to the point.

Mistake 3 and the biggest mistake of all as far as I'm concerned.

Wrong Audience.

The marketing equivalent of a guy trying to chat up a lesbian in a bar. It doesn't matter how good the offer is, she isn't buying what you are selling. Which is why getting your audience (or avatar nailed is the 1st thing we get you do when you become a client at Internet Fitpro)

Truth be told I have no interest in selling MLM shite.

In my PT days I got bombarded by Juice Plus, Herbalife and Aloe people every single day offing me a “fantastic opportunity” and people wanting me to meet or get on a call so they could get me in their profit line or whatever the reps call it.

Plus I run a multiple 6 figure business anyway so I'm not motivated by earning commissions. I am simply not in this guys audience. So lesson is know thy audience before selling to them.

Which brings me to this:

Marketing is actually pretty easy.

  • Know Who your audience and find out what they need
  • Know What They Need so you can give it to them
  • Know Where they hang out and get your offer in front of them

3 steps to not wasting your time sending emails and harassing people for shit that they don't actually want.

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PS.  My house exchange went through on Friday so I'm not going to be homeless now 🙂


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