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No matter how good a trainer you are it is inevitable that at some point you clients are going to move on and stop training with you. There can be several reason for this such as finances, new job, moving away, having kids or what ever, but what if you had a way of keeping these clients on your books and still got paid by them while at the same time you were able to still help get them results.

Starting an online program through a membership site where you train your clients online could be a way of doing this. You could even open up your knowledge to clients in other towns, cities and even in other parts of the word.

Set Up a Membership Site

A membership site or subscription model is where members pay you for access to your website and its content. If you create a web site that has lots of users in the forum or other community, it is very possible that people will pay you to become a “premium or gold” member.

Payment can be made by PayPal or Clickbank. This is a great option if you at to run an online weight loss program or fitness program.

Your videos and information can be stored securely for the member’s area and only those who have paid for access will be able to see them and download the information you want them to see.

You can use membership software such as Wishlist Member or Amember which both work with WordPress to manage the membership aspect and make sure that only your member can see your premium content. Personally I use Wishlist Member for ease of use and set up and because its really easy to plug into paypal.

Again the scope for a program like this is huge because by leveraging the power of the internet you are not limited to where you live and you can get members from anywhere in the world. Hopefully now you can see the common element in this, the amount of people you can reach out to is pretty much limitless. You could be living in a small village somewhere and have clients from all over the world paying you a monthly fee to provide them with the information that’s in your head.

One of the things that I originally struggled with as a fitness professional was about the value in what I know, but the thing is that I've been learning health and fitness pretty much my whole life (and internet marketing for half of it) and the truth is that the people that you are here to help don’t know this stuff.

What is in your head is a valuable asset and if yo are not leveraging it and getting it out there then someone else will and take your slice of the massive pie that is there.

We are living in an age where information is king and people want solutions to their problems which you already have. You know this stuff so you need to get it out there and there is no better way of doing that by getting it online, even if it’s only a blog post once a week to your clients.


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