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I've been working in the fitness industry for around six years. Before I started Internet Fit Pro, I had a pretty successful personal training business and a pretty successful boot camp. I got into it because I love training people. I was really into sports and exercise. I love going to the gym and keeping myself in shape. Put that on the fact that I also have a degree in Sports Science, like a lot of trainers do.

I thought that this would be a great career option for me. The thing is, a lot of personal trainers, a lot of people that work in the fitness industry they get into it because they love what they do. People spend a lot of time on courses  that collect the reps points and the next Poliquin course and kettle bell courses and whatever. The thing of that is yes, it's going to make you a better trainer but even if you're the best trainer in the world and you struggle to get clients through your door, it's not going to matter. You could be Gillian Michaels and if you don't know how to get clients, then it's probably going to be tough for you.

One of the things that we get trainers telling us a lot is that they know they have the knowledge of how to help people but they don't really know how to promote themselves or how to get that knowledge out there. It's not actually that hard. It's all about content. One of the things that we do and one of the things that we encourage our clients to do is to make blog posts, video blogs just like this. This is just me sitting in my office at home. It's quite messy. I'll even let you have a look at it. (in the video)

There you go. That's it. A couple of laptops, my books behind me. All I've done is I've set up my iPhone so that it's going to record and I'm just chatting to you guys now about what we do at Internet Fit Pro which is put together client attracting websites for personal trainers and how we can help you. This is exactly what you should be doing.

What we do generally when we get one of these videos done is we take that information and we send it off to one of our guys who will transcribe it. Transcribe basically means they take the content on the video and they put it on to words. So they type it out basically. From there we'll post the video on YouTube. We'll post it on Vimeo and then we'll take the actual content and we'll turn that into a blog post. We might even use that on one of our daily emails.

From there, we'll post that on all of the different social media platforms and I have loads of tools that you can use to do that. There are things like Hootsuite , and that you can use to post your blog posts and basically share or syndicate it as we call it. The more you do that, the more people in your area, in your town, will be aware of what you do.

We call it top of mind awareness so if people are looking for a personal trainer, all of us have made that decision and they think oh right, who am I going to go and choose? Naturally they're going to feel drawn to the person that they know. The person whose content they see on a regular basis. The person who they may be on their email list and the person who appears to be everywhere. If you contrast that to the personal trainer who just sets up a website and doesn't do anything with it, the only person he or she is going to attract is the person who is actually actively looking for a trainer at that time. That's only going to be about 10% of people, by the way, so you miss by not …

Let me rephrase that. By not putting out regular content on your blogs, on your social media, on your email list, on your YouTube channel, you're going to be hugely missing out on potentially 90% of the people that you could be getting into your business. Yes, granted, they're not going to come in straight away, so someone visits your website they're not going to make that decision and go oh yes, I'm going to buy straight away but if you can get them on to your email list or you can get them on to your Facebook page so that they can see your content. Yes, you might have to pay for that, then you're going to increase those chances rather than leaving things to chance which is what most trainers will do. We are actually putting together a strategic plan to put content in front of people who we know are interested in what we do.

If you're watching this video now, the chances are that you're a personal trainer. The chances are that you're in the fitness industry. You might even be on our email list. That's not by accident. That's by design. This is how you can take your knowledge of what you do as an amazing personal trainer, basically put that in front of as many people as you can. If you can do that, you'll get more leads, you'll get more clients, you will increase your profit in your fitness business.

Okay, that's me for tonight. I'm out of here. I've got to go and pick my car up from the garage which is in getting fixed. If you want to check out a little bit more about what we do, go to


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