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I've been watching this new show on Amazon Prime, it's called the Man in the High Castle and even though I'm only on episode 4 I can tell its going to be a one of those classics.

It's based on what would have happened if the Nazis and Japan had won World War 2. The east coast of the USA is controlled by the Nazis and the west coast including San Francisco is under Japanese occupation with the middle part of the USA a lawless neutral zone.

So anyway the Japanese command are literally bricking it because they know the Nazis have the bomb and they know its only a matter of time before they invade and go for total world domination, while flattening San Francisco at the same time.

They and the Americans, who have been invaded, are living in a climate of total fear.

It reminded me a lot of most of the fitness and personal training industry who live in a climate of negativity, fear and scarcity.

  • No one in my town can afford personal training (wrong)
  • There are too many other trainers in my town / gym (dead wrong)
  • My Gym takes too much of a cut and doesn't help me get any clients (change it)
  • The economy is poor and it's making it impossible to make a decent living (wrong)”
  • The government takes too much Tax from me (legally fixable)

^^^^^ Thing is these are all just mindset issues and once you know how, its dead easy to change.

You just have to model what is already working     (just like our SWAT website program for personal trainers)

Rather than blindly copying other trainers websites just because you “like the look of them” when you have no idea how or even if they perform.

Get a website for your business that makes you stand out and promotes abundance and not scarcity.

Internet Fitpro

Home of the SWAT Personal Trainer Website System


We are thinking of inviting some trainers (probably in groups of 4) to either our London or Manchester offices to spend a day with us to work on their websites and put everything together that they need to get a site up and running in one Day. Let me know if that's something that interest you, just reply.


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