November 25, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

One of the main advantages of our SWAT Personal Trainer Website system, is that we provide a system to help you build your fitness business as well as the website.

In fact, the systems are far more valuable than the website itself, and here's why:

Got this message from SWAT member and Kettlebell coach Russel Pearcy last night:

“Did a black Friday deal like you said. Just knocked £25 off a £120 package I do. Said there was only 6 up for grabs and end midnight. Sold all in 30 mins!”

then this morning another message from Russell

“Actually sold 8 in the end. Had to pull it!”

That's £760 in the bank in one day and with a high average client retention, it will be many times more than that.

Even to an average trainer who keeps clients for minimum 3 months that £760 becomes £2280+ and just by taking action on this he has got back his investment in our SWAT personal trainer website system.

Russ gets it though, because he understands

Last chance to jump on SWAT today and get a new website for your fitness business on our Black Friday special and get started for just £97


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