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Today is my last day in New York, in fact I'm writing this in a NYC Yellow Cab on the way to JFK for a red eye back to the UK. I have a dongle that gives me 3g in the States without costing me an arm and a leg.

If you get this email then it has worked a treat, but anyway…..

…today, I've been touristing it at Ellis Island, which is where a lot of the immigrants came into America, right up until the 1950's. I wanted to do some research on my Grandfather who came over on a boat from Liverpool in 1921.

Turns out that the customs officials back then could just turn you away from the country, for no reason. Like if they thought you looked ill, or weak. They could just send you back on the boat to Europe and they did as well, frequently.

Another 5 weeks hellish journey on a cramped boat just to get home.

Just in the same way you have only 6 seconds max to convince a visitor to your personal trainer website they are in the right place.

Site says “Welcome to my website” or talks about how you loved PE at school, then you can say cheerio to that visitor as a client.

Just like the immigration official, they will be on to the next in line, clicking the back button never to see you again.

BTW The number 1 way to get someone to stay on your site is to have a benefit driven headline that talks about them (not you).

Something we can help you with if you invest in our Personal Trainer Website Stater Package for just £297

Time to go check in, catch you back in the UK tomorrow



BTW £297 for the Personal Trainer Website Starter Package is limited to 1st 10 who jump on board and will probably jump at least 25%


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