The Disappointing Life-Cycle of the Average Personal Trainer and How to Avoid It

March 10, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

The average lifespan of a newly qualified PT in the fitness industry is about 6 months. Some last longer than others and some end up becoming very successful. But why do some many fail within such a short period of time?

Well, we think it goes a bit like this (tongue in cheek and all in the name of fun)

The Life Cycle of A Newbie in the Fitness Industry

  • Get told by your PT training company you can earn £40k ($60) or more as a newly qualified Personal Trainer
  • Get your Personal Trainer qualification in 4 – 6 weeks
  • Borrow 4k and get into debt to pay for your course
  • Get Job in a commercial gym and get told by your new manager get our there and “build your business”
  • Spend any profit you do make on courses to get your REPS points and paying gym rent
  • Realise REPS is pointless
  • Quit REPS
  • Realise your job is not really a job (or a business) as people with jobs  get cool benefits like getting paid and getting holidays
  • Work 15 hour days and miss out on a the cool stuff you used to do in the evenings and weekends
  • Train Clients you hate, who don't pay you what your worth or do what you tell them to do
  • Start to hate the fitness industry (and successful personal trainers)
  • Think about selling juice plus to make ends meet
  • Sell juice plus to make ends meet
  • Figure out that you have failed at being a personal trainer and failed at life
  • Quit and get a job in an office or an estate agents
  • Move back in with your parents
  • Contemplate becoming a life coach or spiritual healer


Invest in an Accelerate Personal Trainer Website and start to build a real fitness business, while getting your greasy little mitts on all the new clients your personal training business can handle.


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