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Man, I used to really hate this question. It was the one thing that really annoyed the hell out of me the most when I was a personal trainer.

“How Much do you charge for personal training sessions?”

Straight away I knew this person was not gong to be good fit for me or my training business and would probably end up being a lousy client.

So I always said to them “if you are shopping on price or looking for single sessions then we are are probably not a good fit to work with me”, “however if you want a results-based program and your prepared to commit to it then we can talk”

And anyway lets be honest there are lots of good trainers out there who were a lot cheaper than I was so I knew they would always find someone if price was their only reference point.

It's probably the same in the town where you live as well.

But what if you as a Personal Trainer were the one who was shopping on price.

Looking for the cheapest option (or freebie options) all the time.

Here's an example: On Saturday night my Facebook feed was littered with people asking for links to free streams for the Haye v Bellew boxing.

People not prepared to stump up £15 to be entertained, but determined to watch it on a shitty stream and no guarantee that it will even stay on.

The same people who post on forums looking for free ways to grow their business, not prepared to invest.

Does this sound like you?, then you maybe need to consider this.

If are looking for a website for your personal training business and you go to the cheapest guy based on the fact he is cheap, then his only tool in his marketing is that he is cheaper than the competition.

If he doesn't know how to market himself as a high-end service and competes on price then I have some news for you amigo.

He sure is hell is not going to know what to do with your site to attract high end, high paying and quality clients

into your fitness business.

But if you want to be the go-to cheap ass Aldi or Lidl trainer in your town then that's cool.

In fact, we find that most web guys are just like the cheap ass personal trainers.

Struggling to get clients and struggling to make ends meet, trying to compete on price and burning out working long hours with clients they simply can't stand.

My advice:

Always think about the investment and the return on that investment rather than the initial cost, because the long term cost will always be way more if you go for the cheap option.

Don't put your business and income in the hands of someone who doesn't get it.

Get started on a website

that starts growing your business today.

Liam “Being More Waitrose” Thompson
Internet Fitpro
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