March 2, 2017     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

The first thing I normally do in the morning is head to the gym, but this morning things were a little different.

I needed some help with a contract we are working on here at Internet Fitpro and as my Mrs is a Lawyer she said she would help me if I bought her a coffee which is pretty fair.

So anyways, Starbucks is where we would normally go is closed for a refurb so we decided to head across the road to Costa at 7am but there was a huge problem.

Their coffee machine was broken so they were not selling any coffee.

A disaster of the highest order when you are gagging for coffee at 7am.

They should have been taking advantage of the fact that Starbucks was closed but the staff have been turning people away all morning.

Huge Error in my humble (and in this case very accurate) opinion

“Sorry our coffee machine is broke, we only have hot chocolate or green tea” is what they have been saying to everyone and turning them away.

It's a business disaster (with a simple solution that they simply can't see)

They have turned an opportunity into a disaster that they could have then easily saved.

Here's how:

See people mostly want coffee in the morning.

Not green tea or chocolate.

So whats the answer?

Simple really!

They should have just brewed up a big batch of filter or instant coffee and sold that instead.

Having a choice of no coffee or filter coffee, filter coffee will win every single time and this my friend is why your potential clients will happily go to Weight Watchers or buy Herbalife instead of coming to you.

You see Weight Watchers, Slimming Word, Herbalife etc are the low quality instant coffee of health and fitness and the reason why people are not going to you is because you are trying to sell them “Green tea or Hot Chocolate”.

And when I say green tea or hot chocolate i mean “Personal Training sessions and Boot Camps or Metabolic Resistance and Biosignature”

The people want coffee and they will go where they can buy coffee if you want a successful fitness business then you need to sell them coffee.

Simple and by coffee I mean the desired end result, whether it's weight loss or muscle building or to help them run a marathon or whatever.

You gotta sell what people or buying or your'e screwed

You can get Started on our SWAT personal Trainer Website System to learn exactly how to do this as well as get a kick ass converting website to grow your fitness business for less than the price of 2 personal training clients.

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