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Couple days ago I reviewed a website for a personal Trainer. He has paid £500 ($750) for this site and honestly it looked like it had been put together by Stevie Wonder.

In fact I'm actually a huge fan of Stevie and he is a master at marketing his music so he would have probably done a better job.

So, this morning I wake up to a very angry email from the guy who designed it.
The guy is a part time web designer / part time personal trainer and according to him also a part time sales director for some company.

Obv needs 3 jobs to pay his bills

What does that tell you?

Anyway he threatens to come round to my house and accused me of trying to steal his client and trying to make a quick buck

But here is what he also said.

He told me “Why are you sending my client complete horsesh*t stating that a website I built is no good. Stick to internet marketing and stop trying to make a quick buck by feeding people a yarn probably so he took a website with you or you got him to go with a site that was compatible with your software.”

And that is the problem…..

These people who call themselves web designers have no clue about marketing, let alone Internet Marketing or the process of client attraction.

They think you can build a personal training business based on SEO
They think people care about qualifications and insurance.
They think they can get away with uploading a £40 theme on WordPress and charge £500 for it.

The dude even has PT after his Facebook name FFS.

They are so deluded that they actually believe their own BS

So a word of warning: Before you hand over your hard earned cash to these guys, ask for examples of work they have done and ask for clients testimonials to make sure you are not getting ripped off by someone who has no clue what they are doing.

Here are some of our examples of ours


Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


Nothing to sell today, just want to give and look out for you.


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