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So you want a successful Personal Training business but you also want some sort of life outside work at the same time?

Well this seems like a simple concept but most personal trainers just don't get it. I first discovered it after reading the Tim Ferris book “The 4 Hour work week” and it makes perfect sense once you get it.

In fact I highly recommend the book btw you should defo check it out. I try and re read it at least once a year.

So what is it?

Basically, it's not doing the stuff that you are not good at or that you don't want to do will free up your time to train more people and put more cash in your back pocket.

Plus you don't have to kill yourself working 60 hour weeks like most people in the fitness industry and end up earning less per hour than a burger flipper in Macdonalds, when you include all the time on social media and trying to do everything yourself, not to mention the dead time hanging around between clients.

Here are some of the things you 100% should be outsourcing.

Anything that other people are way better than you at or who charge less than you do. (Ahem like build you a kick ass website for your fitness business)

Decide to do it yourself and you might spend a full day scratching around online trying to work out how to put a site together.

Result is DIY site (maybe) and a full day of no earning.

You will take twice as long as a professional and do half as good a job and then what if something goes wrong?

Same with your accounts?

How much time do you spend at the end of the year on these, when you could just outsource this for a few hundred quid. Any good accountant will even save you that money back on tax savings and the savings on your stress and mental health will be well worth it.

Graphic design? Why wast valuable time trying to design a flyer when you could just out source the whole thing for about £40, that's only one hour of training for most trainers and the quality will be loads better and will make your business look more professional.

And the easiest one to get started with?

Hire a cleaner for £10 an hour:

1 hour of your time buys 4 hours of their time and your missus will love you for it…

^^^^^That is how you leverage what you do to create a lifestyle business that you are not tied to 60 hours a week.

You want a training business?

Then you gotta start acting like a business person my friend, not a hobbyist personal trainer.

Ever seen Sir Richard Branson taking a training session in one of his gyms?

Nope, Me neither


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