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Couple days ago, I got a message from an old friend of mine from back home in Ireland on Facebook. You know one of those friends that you are close to when you are younger but you sort of lose touch because you end up living in different cities.

He was in town and wanted to catch up for breakfast this morning.

And the reason he is in town because he is the personal bodyguard to one of the Stone Roses who are playing in Manchester this weekend.

He has also been personal bodyguard to Pink!, Robert De Niro and loads of other famous people.

So whats the life of a bodyguard like?

Personally I thought it would be all fist fights and throwing yourself in front of bullets, just like Kevin Costner in the movie “The Bodyguard”.

But apparently it isn't, he has never once had to take any action, he told me.

“It's all about being prepared in the event of anything happening” and “making sure it doesn't”

Same reason why we have security software built in to all our personal trainer websites here at Internetfitpro.

It works quietly in the background stopping your website from getting hacked and keeping the bad guy hackers (who are mostly bots and not real people) at bay.

Were including it with our Personal Trainer Starter Website Package at just £297

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