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A couple of years ago when I was still working as a personal trainer, there was a bit of a phase in the big box gym I was based in at the time. All the other trainers were trying to out do each other with crazy functional exercises.

Stuff like getting clients to do squats on medicine balls was so common that one of the trainers spent ages practicing how to do a single leg squat.

I got to thinking about it today when I was browsing social media and looking at the post from personal trainers on my time line.

A lot of them posting stuff trying to impress other personal trainers and gooroo's

Trying to impress people who have no direct influence on their bank balance instead of working on the things that can grow their business.

Speaking to potential clients in their language and doing the research to find out what they actually want and knowing their pain points because guess what?

No one ever wakes up in the morning and thinks… ‘you know what I really need? 2 sessions a week and a bespoke nutrition plan.'

Or thinks

Look at that personal trainer on my time line doing muscle ups, they look really easy.

You need to start with your prefect clients research.

The people YOU want to work with

That's Mission 2 in SWAT our Business Growing Step by Step Website and Marketing System for Personal Trainers

Liam “Cant do muscle ups” Thompson

Internet Fitpro
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