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Yesterday I told to you that most Personal Trainers think they are in the training and fitness business, but in my humble opinion that couldn't be farther from the truth. Let me tell you a super quick story about Kodak to explain

For about 50 years Kodak had cornered the market in processing photos and manufacturing cameras.

Looking at them today they are on the brink of going bankrupt (sounds like a lot of the fitness industry)

They were selling billions and easily the number 1 company in the world when it came to photos and cameras, but they totally failed to embrace the digital age, when people moved away from film to digital.

Kodak had made a huge mistake here because they wrongly thought that they were in the photo film business and this was ultimately their downfall.

They were never ever in the photo film business, they were in the business of crafting memories for their customers.

Just like you aren't in the fitness or training or kettlebell or weights business.

You are in the business of changing peoples lives and moving them from point A (pain) to point B (pleasure)

The business of transformation and ultimately why people will hand over a big pile of cash to work with you.

Realizing that was the big turning for me and my fitness business and I've continued that here at IFP.

Truth is Interenet Fitpro are not really in the website business.

We are in the business of helping you get more clients grow your business faster. We just happen to use a kick ass new website and our SWAT system as the vehicle to do that.

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