November 23, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

Consider this:

It's the one day people are primed and ready to buy

Now as you know, I'm not a fan of discounting services especially in fitness because it normally attract the wrong type of people but there is one day of the year that pretty much everyone is looking for a deal and if you don't jump on board you could be leaving a pile of cash on the table.

Black Friday. Think about it, your potential clients are literally looking for something to spend their money on.

Traditionally it the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, but it has become a phenomenon here in the UK as well, where you can usually find people in supermarkets fighting over flat screen TV's.

Some of the big companies like amazon have even turned it into a week long event with discount running all week.


You don't need to discount to take advantage of it

SO what ARE you gong to offer your potential clients?

What can you add to your existing packages to make them worth more.

A year long membership?

Additional coaching for the same cost?

Bonus sessions for taking action.

Maybe you could give them December free if they sign up for 6 or 12 months (I used to use this with great success and it meant i had filled my bootcamps for January with 5 weeks to spare)

And in the spirit if Thanksgiving for our American friends we are going to jump on the bandwagon as well

SO we have 2 offers for you this Black Friday and of course they are only for action takers so we have limited them.

Access to our SWAT System and A lead generating website for your fitness business for just £97 per month (just 5 available)


Invest in SWAT in a single payment of £1897 and I will personally coach and mentor you 1-1 in your fitness business for the next 6 weeks.

More info and sign up here

These will go very fast you you need to take action

Happy Thanksgiving

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