November 24, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

One of the perks of doing what we do here at Internet Fitpro is that we get to travel and work with some really cool fitpros and personal trainers.

Today I'm heading off to Dublin to work with Jason and Sean at Elite Fitness and Performance Academy. Two guys that are seriously tuned in when it comes to running a fitness business and teaching fitpros.

Usually when I get back from a work trip, especially one like this weekend where I'm taking in the Ireland v Australia game, there is a payback owed to Mrs Liam. This usually involves taking her away for the weekend and going out to a fancy restaurant out for a nice dinner.

I had to do this after a trip to the states last year and found this South African Restaurant in London that had loads of exotic game meat like zebra, crocodile, springbok (not filleted rugby players) and ostrich steaks.

I'd been literally been looking forward to visiting this place for ages.

But all was not what it seemed. The place looked amazing but that food was really poor, a bit like a website that looks great but doesn't convert to paying clients.

I actually found a vein running thought my ostrich breast fillet and Mrs Liam had shell bits in her fish curry. Not what you expect when you are stumping up £150 for dinner and a bottle of wine.

All in all a bad experience

By the time we got home Rachel had left these guys a 1 star review on TripAdvisor as well as a 5 star review for the excellent hotel we were staying in.

So how can you apply this to your fitness business?

Encourage your clients to leave you positive reviews on Google, put these reviews on your site. It will increase your local search and give you loads of credibility.

Social proof is one of the main drivers that makes people buy.

It's one of the strategies I used to get 52 reviews from clients and kept me at the top of Google for the search “personal trainer Manchester” and we teach the exact strategy to do this  in our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System (Black Friday Deal alert, with social proof on this page).

Get Reviews = Get More Clients

Get a website that actually gets results not just sitting there looking good.

Gotta shoot, have all the packing to do.


Liam “Sticking To Steak Next Time” Thompson

Internet Fitpro

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