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Right, my creative juices are not flowing at all today because my ears are still ringing from the Noel Gallagher gig I went to last night.

However in the spirit of transparency and giving massive value I want to show you one little step you can implement to doubling your fitness business moolah using just your personal trainer website.

It's what we use here to grow our business at Internetfitpro and it's what we teach our clients who sign up for our SWAT personal trainer websites system.

First the stats

If you currently have a standard brochure website (and the right message) that gets 1000 visits (from the right people) in a year you will at the absolute maximum pick up around 10 clients from this site.

Pretty simple, but watch this…..

If you ask for an email in exchange for value (by creating a compelling optin) then you should get 250 of the 1000 to sign up to your email list.

Still simple (sign up for my newsletter wont cut it by the way)

So we know from what we do here at IFP that 5% of people on our list sign up for our main program.

So the 10 clients from the brochure website, then becomes 12.5 clients just by asking for an email and providing value in advance.

If your average personal training clients value is £1000 (or $) then you have successfully added and additional £12500 to the £10,000 just from having a brochure website.

And wait for this!

Create a low barrier to entry offer to make it easy for people to join your program and you should be able to get that 5% up to 10%

Most PT's don't think this way and neither do most web designers.

That's why our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System is different (and why it works)

Apply here to start doubling your fitness business today

Liam “ears still ringing” Thompson

Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


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