May 20, 2014     /    Email Marketing For Personal Trainers    /    Liam Thompson

One of the biggest complaints we hear from personal trainers when we do website reviews is that no one ever signs up to their email newsletter.

Less than 1 in 20 people will buy anything from  your site on their 1st visit so having some form of lead (email) capture on your landing page is vital.

Without this you are wasting 95% of your visitors. That’s 19 out of every 20 people who visit your site!

The challenge then becomes getting people to leave their email address (and maybe their numbers as well)

“Liam” they say “No one ever signs up to my newsletter even though I’m promising them weight loss tips”

Let’s be honest for just one second here, that is the exact problem right there.

Your visitors do not want weight loss tips or to subscribe to your newsletter or weekly tips.

If I want weight loss tips I’ll go to Google and do a search for it and I’ll get 25 million pages of weight loss tips.

Before someone gives you their email address you have to give your visitor something in return and it has to be something of value or at the very least something of perceived value.

So here is the question. What can you give your potential clients that will persuade them to hand over their email address?

This is known in the marketing world as a lead magnet or ethical bribe.

If you train skinny guys to get bulked it could be “5 secret ways to instantly double your muscle growth” and you could deliver it in the form of emails or a pdf (ebook)

If you train 30-45 year old females like I do then you could give away a guide on how to beat emotional eating.

Train runners? “How to shave 2 minutes of your 10k time in only 2 weeks”

See where I’m going with this…?


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