Simple Strategy For More PT Clients

The single best lessons I ever learned from marketing and getting more clients came from reading a book Called the Game by Neil Strauss.


Go check it out, its about a New York times journalist who infiltrated the PUA movement in the United States about 10 years ago.

PUA stadns for Pick up Artist by the way and the book iss all about how this late 30's short fat, bald dude become a babe magnet and ends up pulling some amazingly hot women.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

He even gets it on with Courtney Love and gets Britney Spears phone number (read between the lines on that one)

Soooooooo…….. one of the things he learns is how to talk to women in their own language so that both parties get what they want.

^^^^^^^Read That Line Again^^^^^^

So how can you become a PT Client PUA and pick up clients at will?

You need to start talking to people on your website in their own language!

I'll give you a free starter on this one.

Discover the 9 essential tools successful Personal Trainers are using to get more quality clients online

Stop using the word Fat Loss unless you train models or athletes.

Fat Loss is a trainer word, the public generally don't use it so neither should you.

My recommedation is to find out what yor target avatar (your fav clients usually) use.

My guess is that it wil be weight loss.

Most of my PT cliennts want to “Lose Weight ad Tone Up” so that's what you have to sell to them.

Of course your going to give them fat loss but you have to sell them what they are buying and that is weight loss.

Same way that we sell web design here at Internet Fitpro, but what we actually give our clients is a proven system for getting a ton of new quality personal training clients online.
Liam “Ex PUA (dont tell my wife)” Thompson
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