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So I wake up one morning to an angry email from newbie Personal Trainer Pete, not happy that he thinks I'm calling him a cheapskate for designing his own flyers, so obviously I've pushed one of his buttons.

^^^ That's the number 1 reason why emails work so well by the way (but that's a lesson for another day)

Today is all about Pete and all the other Personal Trainer Peters out there

Pete's email:

I just lost my job, am unemployed. Wanna set up as a PT , groups class instructor , I can't afford a web designer! Not coz I'm cheap but coz I'm broke.
I'm havin to do my own flyers coz I have no money, if I did I would pay someone!”

OK so I get it and can understand his pain and frustration, because I've actually been there.

Broke and nearly bankrupt due to huge amounts of debt after losing my business in the '09 recession. Not quite homeless and sleeping in my car like most gooroos will claim, but I understand how it feels to have jack in the bank.

SO maybe my message yesterday got lost in translation.

I have already personally emailed Pete, but thought that if you are in the same boat, they you could equally use what I have to tell you to :

A) grow your business and
B) not waste your time designing flyers and websites

Here is what I would do if I were a Pete.

Forget about wasting your time designing your own flyers (because they probably won't work). The quality will be rubbish unless you are a graphic designer and unless you can afford to get good quality printing.

Here is what I would do instead:

Work out who your target market is and speak to all your friends who are in your target market. Offer to train them for free to reach their goals on the condition they refer at least 1 of their friends to you and promote you on their Facebook walls.

Speak to people who are influencers in your market and have access to the same people you want to work with (maybe hairdressers, physios etc) and offer them the same deal.

Train them for free and offer EVERYONE a free 1 week trial.

Make it dead simple and easy for people to work with you.

It will also get you before and after pictures, social proof and valuable reviews.

Take monthly payments using Stripe (free to set up) or Paypal subscriptions and 100% don't do pay as you go classes if you want a steady income every month.

With pay as you go there is no commitment and you never know how many people will turn up.

Always sell the solution (not the classes or the training).

^^^That was a game changer for me

That will get you started for free, in fact that's exactly how I started my 1st boot-camp from scratch with no investment and once I had a few paying members I was able to invest in systems that can save you time, like a lead generating website.

Cant afford to buy marketing books and learn? (You can get them from your local library, that's free)

Investing your time is just important as investing your money, so invest wisely


Internet Fitpro
Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads


Knowing why people want to work with you is also a game changer and will make it easier for you to package and sell your services


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