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One of the most important things you can do as a business owner, whether it's a fitness business or anything else is to look after your head and by that I mean your mindset and mental health.

Lets be honest here. It's hard work being an entrepreneur and it can be a lonely as hell struggle sometimes.

You need to have resilience.

Resilience against failure and resilience against rejection.

Resilience when people don't believe in what you're trying to achieve.

My wife told me I could never Charge £100 a month for bootcamp in a park and she was right (we actually charged £147 for 4 weeks for a while)

All the other boot-camps in Manchester were selling on price and we were selling on results.

^^^ lesson there

Anyway this week I've been working on my own mindset and I discovered something that can keep people stuck, its called the sunk cost fallacy.

Basically it's “Concentrating on what you already invested, such as time money and effort may keep you stuck”

It's true with ideas as much as it is with previous investments.

Trainers deciding to stick with a certain idea or even a website that's not working just because they have already invested in it.

It's throwing good money (and time) after bad.

If your website isn't working for your business, isn't it about time you had one that does?

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Good luck to the Welsh tonight in their Semi.


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