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Yesterday I got a WhatsApp message from Mrs Liam, it was a picture of her smiling with another Man. She was very excited.

It wasn't just anyone though, it was Jensen Button, current Maclaren F1 driver and ex F1 world Champion.

He was in her office doing some promo work yesterday as part of one of his sponsorship deals and she literally stalked him to get a photo, like a giddy school girl at a Take That Concert.

My point is that celebrity sells and sells in a big way and nowhere is this more true than in the fitness industry.

You just have to look at all the celebrity DVD's to see this.

If you believe that you can't charge higher prices for your personal training program or that people in your town won't pay it, then I would like you to consider this.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger or Tracey Anderson or even Davina Mccall opened a personal training facility in your town do you think people would pay more than the “going rate” for their services, more than you currently charge.


Yes they would, you are indeed correct.

They would pay way more, because of the power of celebrity, because people know who they are.

They know, like and trust them.

Want to do this in your fitness business?

  • Build an email list
  • Put out regular content like blogs videos and daily emails.

It's easier than you think to be the celeb personal trainer in your town.


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