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Do you ever have one of those PT clients that think they know better than you?

Always challenging your advice on nutrition or training because they have a friend who told them something different or their aunt lost 3 stone using juice plus? (they just forgot to mention that their digestive system was screwed).

Or their mate goes running every morning wearing a bin bag to “sweat the fat off“.

Usually it's the clients we know deep down that we shouldn't take on because they don't feel quite right or are not a good fit or it's a family member that won't listen.

It's the number 1 reason why I stopped training my wife when I was a trainer..

Anyway same thing happened to us here at Internet Fitpro last year.

We ended up helping someone out who wasn't in our target market, normally something we don't do but these guys were family members.

We built a great site for them, but they were not happy no matter what we changed.

You see they had a friend who was a web designer in their ear telling them they didn't need opt ins to get email addresses, telling them what we were doing wouldn't work for them and that WordPress was no good.

So we walked away, left them to it. Lesson learned, don't take on clients who are not a good fit.

The result: they are now out of business, just like the clients who don't listen never lose weight.

That's why we generally only work with fitness professionals and personal trainers.

Because we know and understand the industry, we know what works and we can prove it with real results and that exactly why the SWAT Personal Trainer Website System is perfect for any trainer who wants a site that is guaranteed to get them more leads and build a real business.

Have a great end of week… i'm on the last few days of my holiday and looking forward to getting back and getting productive.


Internet Fitpro


Want to see what you end up with the check out this excellent site we have done for one of our SWAT members: Running coach Noel Sutton


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