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For the most part in my opinion general public are not like most people in the fitness industry, so brace yourself for this, it might sting a bit.

The truth is that they don't like fitness and exercise, in fact most even hate it and are scared by it and especially scared of exercising in front of others..

This is just one of the arguments for making workouts fun by the way but this is not what today's email is really about

Yes, I know you probably can't get enough of exercise and you love smashing it up in the gym and training to within an inch of your life but Joe and Joanne public is seriously sh*t scared of that stuff.

And most personal trainers are literally scaring potential clients away with their instagram pictures and their motivational BS.

Stuff like

“Train Hard or Go Home”

“Sweat is just Fat Crying”

“Quitting is for losers”

“A sore body today is a strong body tomorrow”

“Suck it up and someday you won't have to suck it in”

“You've got what it takes but it will take everything you've got”

…….and I could go on and I haven't even mentioned shirtless pictures either 🙂

Let's be straight here, by posting this stuff on your walls, web sites and Instagram trainers are scaring away the people that need their help the most.

They are running in the opposite direction to the smart trainers who know how to market themselves and attract quality clients.

Trainers who have a system in place and understand why people really buy fitness training.


Liam “Not Sucking it up” Thompson

Internet Fitpro

The Fitness Website Experts


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