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I'm in Portugal on holiday until the end of the week and despite the weather being great and the hotel being amazing, I do feel a bit embarrassed and stupid and it's all to do with the language barrier.

Normally I holiday in Spain (or the USA) and my Spanish is good enough to get me through if the staff in the hotel don't speak any English, but as far as Portuguese is concerned, I'm baffled.

At breakfast this morning I was trying to order an omelette and it wasn't going very well until the waiter went to get someone who could speak English.

Omelette ordered, breads and sugary pastries avoided, job done and only because we were speaking the language I understood.

If you want to sell more personal training or boot camps or fitness then you have to speak in language your clients understand.

Too many personal trainers screw this up in my opinion.

Bio signature, Metabolic Resistance, Functional Movement Patterns, Macros and even Fat Loss to an extent and telling them that they just need to do it, might as well be Portuguese to your clients.

They want to hear and see things in their language. They want to get fitter, lose some weight, tone up and even fit into the clothes they were wearing 6 months ago, but most of all they want the accountability.

Changing your language on your website and your marketing could be the difference between scrimping and having a full diary with a waiting list of hungry clients eager to work with you.

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