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So today Britain has stood up and been counted and has decided to leave the EU and the financial experts ALL agree that this is going to lead a recession at least in the short term.

Personally I'm annoyed, but hey ho, we have to move on and deal with the consequences and take personal responsibility for our lives and our incomes.

So what will that mean for the average personal trainer and especially the trainers at the lower end of the market, the ones who are already struggling.

Honest answer in my humble opinion and I'm not saying this to scaremonger (will explain why in a minute) is that there will be less people with the disposable income to buy personal training. It means great trainers having to stop training people and get “real” jobs.

I saw this when I had a front row seat back in 2009 when I was working in fitness first in Manchester.

We had trainers who were cutting their prices to £15 per session and still struggling to sell them because they foolishly believed that people would buy because they were the cheapest.

Meanwhile in the gym all the expensive trainers like myself were cleaning up with full diaries and waiting lists.

Every few weeks there would be a new Personal Trainer start in the gym and usually with 3 months they would be gone. So back to what happens if there is a recession!

The smart personal trainers will thrive

The ones that understand the marketing and sales process and why people really buy personal training, will smash it out of the park.

The possibility of a recession won't affect them because they get it. They will take personal responsibility and grab the bull by the horns and build successful businesses.

They will know how to target the clients that can easily afford their services and who will be willing to pay top dollar.

They know how to package their training programs to make them more attractive and help them stand out from the competition.

They will understand the model of return on investment and will invest in “buying” clients.

They also know that if they offer a great service and add value they will have people lining up to work with them.

So you could choose to struggle or you could invest in a system that's guaranteed to bring quality leads into your fitness business.

That's the beauty of being in business, you get to choose and are not at the mercy or the EU or whichever government is in at the time.

Peace out, and good luck to you and your business whichever way you voted (if you did)


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