July 8, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

I'm in full on rant mode today, usually when the sun is out I'm in a good mood, but not today, regardless I'll make this a quick one. So what has annoyed me?

Cheap Ass personal trainers, that's who…..

Trainers that don't understand that if they want to be in business their potential clients must take them seriously and that starts with the 1st contact.

These trainers that are smart, they understand that when they look after themselves and stay in shape, it means clients are more likely to want to work with them, but then they go and blow it by sending them to a free website builder that quite frankly my 5 year old nephew could have put together and its not even a real domain name.

Usually something like joebloggstrainer.wix.com (not a real site btw)

It might as well say cheapassstrainer.wix.com, because that's what the client thinks.

Cheap Ass trainers who literally waste hours trying to build out a free website on Wix and then wonder why they are broke or why no one wants to invest in them.

Seriously, PT I spoke to yesterday spent a whole week building a site on wix to then have an abomination of a site that doesn't even work, plus it even says its a free site built by wix?

Dude could have used those 40 hours to train potential clients for free and then sold them onto monthly packages and he would have had more success.

It's false economy of the highest order…

Question for you.

If you are not even prepared to invest $20 in buying a domain name, then why on earth do you think potential clients are going to invest in you?

^^^^ think about that

Second question!

Are you a web designer or graphic designer?

No you are a f***king personal trainer.

You are also not an accountant or flyer designer or cleaner of your facility

So WTF are you doing trying to build your own website?

Leave that stuff to the experts and start running a real business where you do what you are good at, which is train people and get people in shape.

Liam “Rant Over” Thompson
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