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Mrs Liam has 2 weeks left before Liam junior is due to appear but he could show up anytime from now.

It's a scary prospect for us.

What do we do? How will we cope?

It's not like they come with an instruction manual and you definately can't send them back to the hospital if they make too much noise.

One thing is for sure though, I made a promise that I would be there to spend time with the little guy while still building a successfull business so that he could get everything he needs. That means putting some things in place in my biz that you should be seriously thinking about doing in your PT business to give you more time to do the things that really matter.

Whats that?

Spend your time on your most valuable tasks. The stuff that brings in the cash.

Thats it.

For me its easy, its putting out content, copywriting and speaking at events where my audience is.

In fact a half day event earlier this year netted me over £16k in sales and there were only 10 people in the room.

^^^^ Right Audience and the right message at the right time

What are you doing in your fitness biz that is taking time away from a) earning more and b) your family, friends sports or stuff that you love doing.

Here's a task for you today.

Work out the high value stuff in your business, the stuff that brings in the profits or sales.

It could be training clients or meeting potential clients, or even sales calls.

Then work out the stuff that you could pay someone else to do and not only that pay them a lot less that you charge for your time.


A cleaner is £10 per hour and you earn £40 per hour as a trainer. You can buy 4 hours of cleaning for 1 our of personal training. (why would you not do this)

Professional Flyer design (£80) instead of half a day of your time wasted trying to figure it out and still coming up with something that looks like it was put together in Kindergarten?

Dare I say it working on building your own PT website (that probably won't convert), and even doing your own accounts

Simple, off you go and get it done.


Internet Fitpro

Personal Trainer Websites That Build Businesses


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