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On Sunday I lined up for my over 35's football team for which is probably going to be the be the last this season, but it wasn't planned out like that.

20 minutes in and we are comfortably leading 2-0 and the opposition team have a corner.

Somehow I find myself guarding the back post and as the tall centre forward gets his head on the ball and fires it towards the top corner, I instinctively reach out and save it, stopping a certain goal, but I know what coming next.

The ref gives a penalty kick and has no choice but to give me a red card. I don't argue, just tell the ref I know he has no choice and walk off towards the changing rooms.

When you get sent off in a football match you can't even watch the rest of the game, you have to leave the area.

The end result, the opposition score from the penalty spot and we are reduce to 10 men.

For me I'm just waiting on the letter from the FA to find out how many games I'll be banned for and what my fine is going to be and with Liam junior likely to show up at any time it looks like my season is over and all for a silly tactical error on my part.

Which ties in nicely to this…..

Business and in particular the business of fitness is a lot like sport especially football.

You see too many people rely on the latest gooroo tactics as opposed to the strategy

What's the best formation to play vs being fitter and faster than the opponents.

The latter, which is the strategy will always win……always.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads vs Knowing your market and building an audience.

It doesn't matter what type of ads or ninja traffic you run to your PT Website, if it doesn't convert you might as well just hand Facebook or Google your money without even running them.

Strategy should always come before tactics which is why when we build a website for your fitness business we get you to focus on the strategy before we teach you the tactics, like SEO or Facebook ads or Goggle ads.

Building a solid business foundation with the right offer to the the right market and understanding the challenges people have around your services is what most trainers don't do.

Instead they just want to sell PT sessions and classes, maybe even pay as you go, when we know that the biggest struggle clients have is around actually getting off their asses and doing some exercises.

SO why would you even consider pay as you go sessions or selling PT 1 session at a time?

You are literally giving clients an excuse not to get results and give up.

So if you want a website that actually converts to clients and then want to learn the tactics involved in driving targeted traffic to your new site then you should sign up for our SWAT Personal Trainer Website System

Strategy First, Tactics Second.

Personal Trainer Websites That Build Businesses


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