Why your resolutions suck (and what to do)

Right, its the first proper day back after the holidays and I've got to be honest, I would have rather stayed in bed this morning but….

….I have work to do and so do you.

Over the weekend I've been working on my 90 day goals for our business instead of New Years Business Resolutions

Here's the thing, if you have planned on new years resolutions for yourself, they most likely wont work, just like they don't work for your clients.

Here is what I do:

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I break them up into 4 blocks of 12 weeks.

12 weeks to smash goals (including our new podcast and SWAT 2.0) and then 1 week off doing jack.

This is what I do and what I get my 1-1 coaching clients to do and its what we are doing here at Internet Fitpro

Break the 12 weeks up into block of 4 weeks and look at what are actionable steps towards each goal.

If you goal is 20 new clients in 12 weeks then break that down into actions.

How many emails do you need?
How many people do you need to speak to.
How much content do you need to put out.
Create an action plan around your goals based on action and go do it…Simple

Hit me up if you need help with this stuff.

Lets get some serious shit done this January and set the year up for success.


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