December 30, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

I was looking though my Facebook timeline this morning and I got reminded of something that happened to me exactly 8 years ago today.

My online sports nutrition business was really struggling in the recession and I pretty much had lost all interest in it. A chance phone call that day and a trip down the M6 motorway changed my life forever and took it in a completely new direction.

For 10 years this had been my business and my life and within a few short hours I had agreed to hand it over for just a fraction of what it was really worth.

I could have sold it for over £500k at one stage but I that day I decided to walk away with a deal that was worth just £125k and I eventually had to take the buyers to court in order to get paid, nearly going bankrupt in the process.

It's taken me 8 years to get my credit rating back to where it was.

For me I saw all of this as a huge failure and I let it affect me for a long long time.

A good few years in fact.

My buddy and mentor Paul Mort would have said I was in drift and he would be dead right.

4 years later I had to sell my house for £43,000 less than I owed on it.

My 1st two business after the supplement business bombed.

Mostly because I was just going through the motions but then something changed….

…something just clicked into place.

I kept plugging away, kept moving forwards and taking small steps.

Small steps in learning.
Small steps in building a new business.
Investing in myself.

Don't let your failures define you like I nearly did mine and if a bum like left with nothing after nearly going bankrupt can fail and be successful again then so can you.

In 3 weeks my wife and I are expecting our 1st baby (a boy), we have just bought a £300k house, I've just finished writing my 1st book and my businesses are all set for a record year again for the 3rd year running.

Life is good, but without the failures I wouldn't have what I have now and for that I'm grateful.

Failure is the oxygen that fans the fire that leads to improvement in business and in life.

Take it easy have a great Friday and a cracking New years eve and above all embrace your failures.


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