December 23, 2016     /    Personal Trainer Marketing    /    Liam Thompson

It's 2 days before Christmas and I'm sitting in the lounge at Manchester Airport on my way to Ireland with a Sausage Butty and a Large coffee writing this, although some people seem to be getting tanked up on vodka at 7am (what's with that?)

Anyway, I was chatting to the security guy on the way though and he told me it was their busiest day of the year.

Security was manic and full of people who don't normally travel, holding up the already swelling queue.

You know the ones that don't understand that they need to have liquids in a plastic bag or that they can't take their jumbo 1 litre pound shop shower gel through security.

People getting stressed because they were running late.

Not me.

A small investment of just £4 fast tracked me through all the queues and for £15 I'm now sat in the comfort of a lounge with free coffee and food away from the craziness that is outside.

£19 to take away the hassle, speed up the process and some have quiet to write my daily email, but most people won't pay it and that's exactly why I do.

That my friend is bargain of the Christmas holiday in my opinion and I'll be doing the same in Belfast tomorrow (as it's only a flying visit to deliver family presents)

Even though most people won't there are clients out there for you that will pay extra for stuff like that.

Things like a VIP Service or even Faster Results.

These are the clients that most Personal Trainers are scared to go after.

And that is a Christmas Miracle for you.

Take it easy, and have a great Few Days off, and I truly hope you smash it in your business in 2017.

Liam (and Matt)
Internet Fitpro

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