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Do you ever think that your personal training business is different to other businesses?

Yeah me too when I was in the fitness industry, but I was dead wrong. Its actually just the same. Business is business no matter what niche you are in:

Here's an example:

I have a small flat in Liverpool that I rent out and have some new tenants moving in on Wednesday so I decided I was going to do the painting and decorating myself to save on some cash.

So Saturday morning at 9am, full of enthusiasm, I headed over to Liverpool, about 30 minutes from where I live now, via the hardware store to pick up some paint, brushes and rollers.

I spent 3 hours struggling with the ceiling in the bedroom, it was patchy and I had lost the will to live.

I'm rubbish at painting and I hate it, so why was I doing it?

I was trying to save some money, but it would have taken me about a week to finish, so I decided to call someone. Get a professional in.

Within an hour they had come round and quoted me £300 to do the whole flat and they could have it done by Tuesday, they even had a good laugh at my patchy attempt.

I handed them the keys there and then.

£300 to do a job that would take me 4 days

£300 to do a job I hate

£300 to do a job that they can do a hundred times better than me.

Plus and I can earn the £300 money back in less than a day doing what i do for my day job.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you try and design your own flyers, or try and work out how to build your own websites?

Wouldn't your time be better spent training people and putting money in your back pocket?
Isn't that why you got into fitness?

To do more of what you love and help more people?

You don't need to struggle to put a website together when you can get your fitness biz online with a professional looking site for as little as £297 and even get email addresses included.

Just £297 and 7 hours of training clients or spend a week struggling and have to get the professionals in anyway like I did.

Don't make the mistakes I did.


Internet Fitpro
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