The KISS ASS Formula For More Fitness Clients

January 13, 2020     /    Personal Trainer Websites    /    Liam Thompson

Today I want to explain why most people will never buy your fitness services direct from your website. I then want to show you how you can use our simple KISS ASS formula to turn that into an advantage to get more Personal Training Clients.

So yesterday one of our SWAT Personal Trainer Website clients, Bill mentioned in our private Mastermind group that no one ever signed up for his training unless he met him in person first.

That last bit is the key to the kingdom of filling your diary as a personal trainer. Buying personal trainer services is a  huge commitment and you will usually need to meet people to get their trust before they decide to give you their money.

People wanted to meet him first before committing to his 3 month personal training program.

Bill's site was one of our SWAT Personal Trainer Websites. So was that a failure on our part when we put his site together?

I don't think so, even though our SWAT system is working for Bill, we continually improve and tweak it.

So how does that fit in with The KISS ASS formula for more PT or Boot camp clients?

The KISS ASS Formula


How to Attract People to Your Fitness Business

If you know people don't want to commit to 3 months of personal training without meeting you, then sell the face to face meeting or trial instead, the low barrier to entry as we call it.

It's the fitness business equivalent of going out for a coffee with a view to starting a relationship. You don't need to or want to try and sell the relationship on 1st contact, well because that's just a bit creepy. You sell the idea of getting a phone number (Email address in this case) and then you sell the idea of getting a coffee date (trial, consultation, Skype call or low barrier to entry offer).

Both parties have a get out of jail clause, and if you are a good enough personal trainer then you should be able to sign them up into a long term commitment once you prove yourself.

It's KISS ASS Simple

That my friend is the easiest way to getting more clients from your Personal Trainer websites.

All you need now is a website set up to do this with a system in place.

That's where we come in.

Liam “Keeping It Simple since 1975” Thompson
Internet Fitpro
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