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Easiest way to get people into your fitness business is to offer them a trial. Make it easy for them to sample your services, but which one of these methods is best? A cheap Groupon Style Trial or a Free Trial?

OK so here is my take on it, the problem with cheap is that if you offer a trial at less than your normal prices then at some point you have to raise your prices and that is going to be met with resistance.

The free trial on the other hand makes it easier for people to come in without paying full price or committing to your full program.

Yeah I know your going to tell me that people don't turn up for these when it's free but I'll show you how to fix that in a minute.

The free trial is used by loads of companies especially higher end ones.

Thinking of buying an Aston Martin?

They will let you take it home for a weekend and test it for free (subject to a deposit)

Apple let you play with the stuff in the Apple store before you buy.

Amazon offers a free 30 day trial for Prime.

Online Casinos and bookmakers give you free money to play with.

The free trial especially if its a results based trial is the way to go in my humble opinion, because it does 2 things.

It proves to your potential clients that you are the shizzle (you know what you're doing)

It also proves to them that they can take action steps towards their goals…..

and that last point is freakin powerful.

And its all easy to fit into a simple sales funnel using your website and have a floof of clients into your fitness business..

Ask for email > Offer Trial > Offer Core Service > Make ALL the Monies

^^^Super simple


Personal Trainer Websites That Guarantee Leads

The way to make sure people turn up for a free trial is to ask them for a refundable deposit just like Aston Martin above.


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